Simplest strawberries Romanoff

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IMG_2918In my new book club, we all take turns making dessert. Laurel has made Real Simple’s raspberry oatmeal bars, which are so sweet you’ll want to have just a small slice (even though you’ll crave more). I have made (big surprise) my favorite brownies. Friday night, Bat-Ami and her son, Lucas, who’s almost 11, made a super simple version of strawberries Romanoff, a nice, light treat. Could it be any easier—or prettier? 

Simplest Strawberry Romanoff

Layer in parfait dishes or kid-friendly clear plastic cups:

Bottom pink layer: Puréed strawberries and whipped cream (to taste, roughly 1 part strawberry to 2 parts cream)

Middle red layer: Puréed strawberries

Top white layer: Whipped cream

Decorations: Sliced strawberries (mint is another option)

Note: An adult should handle the purée step—Bat-Ami used a stick blender, but a blender or food processor would also work. For kids, it’s all about scooping, dividing, and layering—all of which help develop hand-eye coordination, math skills, and spatial relations.


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