About Baking with Carter

Welcome! Unlike most Silicon Valley moms, I didn’t start a parenting blog when my son was born in 2005. In fact, I have yet to make a scrapbook. But what Carter and I do together is bake. When I realized that 99 percent of my Facebook posts were about us baking, the idea for a kids baking blog that chronicled our adventures in the kitchen (and life) was born. I wanted to create a place to share our favorite kids baking recipes and tips with other parents—and anyone else who’s interested. On a more indulgent note, I also wanted a record of this special time that I share with my son. As the parenting truism goes: the days are long, but the years are short. And I can personally attest that they fly by at supersonic speed.

Our family

If you ask my son what’s the first thing you do when you bake, his answer will be: “Wash your hands and put on your apron.” While Carter shares Mommy’s love of baking and knows how to scoop and level flour, that’s just really about spending time with Mommy during non-work hours. His true passion is the same as Daddy’s: airplanes, brought to life courtesy of our travels and YouTube movies. If Carter looks up in the sky and says it’s an MD-80, believe him. My husband’s aeronautics infatuation is lifelong, and he’s now a NASA engineer. Jeff and I met in 1992, but it wasn’t until a decade later, on Valentine’s Day, that  we finally made the trip to the courthouse. Completing the cast of characters is our cat, Nike, named by her foster mom after the Greek goddess of victory, not the shoes.

My day job

For a decade, I was an executive editor at a book company in San Francisco that makes beautiful books. (Think William Sonoma cookbooks.) I worked on lifestyle and children’s books and specialized in parenting books. Now I’ve given up the hours of commuting and work from home as a freelancer. I’m part of the launch team for a travel website start-up called Inspirock

Life as I know it

When I’m not writing, editing, blogging, baking, or being a Mommy, I try squeeze in a text to my husband or a yoga class, having long given up on getting any sleep.

You can reach me directly at bakingwithcarter@gmail.com

Copyright © 2009-2015 Elizabeth Dougherty. All rights reserved.


  1. Alicia says:

    Hi there.
    I’m enjoying reading all of the great kid cooking tips in your blog. I recently started cooking with my 4 year old son Andy. (We’re using Mollie Katzan’s “Pretend Soup” and a few other kids cookbooks.) Keep the recipies coming!

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