Get your slurp-ade here

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Carter went to see “Up!” with Jeff while I was at Day 1 of the Stanford Proefessional Publishing Course. Carter apparently chose lemonade before realizing a blueberry Slurpee was an option. So Jeff assured Carter that he could have a Slurpee next time, and they both informed me of this plan. (Keep in mind that when Jeff promises Carter something. No matter how trivial it might seem, It is Very Serious—never to be taken lightly, altered, or forgotten. So it’s best that I, too, know)

Slurp-ade, that’s what Carter termed the concoction we could make at home, during an extended bedtime Mommy-check. In fact, he decided, the slushy base could alternatively be cherry, raspberry, strawberry, or grapefruit. He picked a specific flavor Surpade he would make for every neighbor he knows by name (quite an honor). All would have a shot of lemonade on top. “And best of all, guess what, Mommy?”

“Sprinkles on top.” Who could ask for anything more?


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