Let’s pretend

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Tinker toy cookies and cakeCarter turned down the opportunity to make banana bread or bake the rest of the sugar-cookie dough in favor “baking” a Tinker Toy cake and cookies with me. He held up a piece of paper and told me that it was the recipe, which had “a half cup of sugar and some flour and vanilla” in it.

The results are why I didn’t buy him the Dave and Melissa’s “decorate a cake” toy. It just seems far better to me to have Carter seek out and turn over a plastic container that usually holds his balls, drape his blanket over it with the white side up for icing, and decorate it with Tinker Toy joints, with which he wanted to spell out” Happy Mothers’ Day, From Carter.” (This involved a few too many letters to approximate.) We settled for a big “M”—and purple sprinkles, Carter’s second favorite color.

The tray next to the cake holds “cookies” for Daddy. Wouldn’t want him to feel left out. In fact, in the end, Daddy got to blow out candles on the cake. cake for daddy


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