The kindness of strangers

May 24th, 2009 by admin Leave a reply »

I found out at our third meeting tonight that two of my book-club members are fans of Cooks Illustrated, too! I used to me in a book club with friends, which didn’t work out. So when my friend Stacey sent me an email about a friend of hers who was forming a book club, I signed on.

So far, being in a book club with strangers (Stacey never came) has worked out well. And now they’re not so strange, and I’m happy to have made a new circle of friends, especially ones who understand the allure of Cook’s Illustrated. Laurel has an online subscription and printed out the banana bread recipe for me, since I’m still in search of just the right one. We were meeting at Bat-Ami’s house, so I paged through her library of Cook’s Illustrated cookbooks. I think I have some shopping to do.


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