Grind my own nutmeg? Are you nuts?

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I admit that a nutmeg grinder sounds like a pretty geeky gadget. In fact, not that long ago, I pooh-poohed the mere concept of freshly ground nutmeg that same way I pooh-poohed that of freshly ground black pepper. Who has the time, when you could just as easily scoop the same spice out of a jar all ready to go?  And this still remains a fine strategy as far as I’m concerned.

Just like any cook worth her salt arguing for fresh ground black pepper, though, I’m going to plead my case for fresh grinding nutmeg: it’s a small thing that makes a big impact.

For convenience and to keep the nuts fresh, I keep my nutmeg grinder, which also holds nuts in compartments on top, in the refrigerator. 

After very carefully showing Carter the slit on the bottom toavoid, I held the grinder and let him turn the handle for the first time when we made banana bread last weekend. Having him marvel at the smell made it even more worthwhile than the added flavor.

Shopping notes: My nutmeg grinder looks like the Peugeot Tidore Nutmeg Shaver, but I can’t imagine that I paid $40 for it. The Carefree Kitchen Compact Nutmeg Grinder and Norpro Spice Grinder are similar in design, with a turn handle on top and a slit on the bottom—away from little fingers.



  1. Anita says:

    I agree that freshly ground nutmeg is completely different from the jar kind. But we just use our microplane grater.

    We add a few bits of flesh in, but that’s just more spice, eh?

  2. admin says:

    Great tip. I just used my microplane grater last night to top asparagus with lemon zest. I do love my kitchen gadgets!

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