Linzer cupcakes

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linzer cupcakes
Back from vacation and back to our weekend baking routine. Today, Carter insisted that we make cupcakes for Bunny’s birthday. (Select stuffed animals, among them a blue bunny that plays Braham’s Lullaby, live quite the life.)

With my major recipe reorganization earlier this month, I unearthed a Real Simple article from three years ago that showed how to decorate cupcakes Linzer style. I always cut out and save these kinds of articles because I will and did forget this easy idea.

Just like with Linzer torte cookies, you simply sandwich jam between two layers, with a shape cut out of the top one. Doing the same with cupcakes is a super-simple thing to do with kids because after you (adult) cut off the tops in the first step, kids can pretty much take it from there.

(1) Using a serrated knife, slice the top of each cupcake and stamp out a shape, such as a heart, with a cookie cutter. (2) Sprinkle the tops with powdered sugar. (3) Spread jam on top the lower portions of the cupcakes. Reassemble the cupcakes with the jam in the center now peeking through.

Cut out shape with cookie cutterSprinkle top with powdered sugar.

Spread jam on bottom and return top.

Carter’s Take: They’re yummy. I like the cupcake sandwich.


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