French toast 101

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My friend Amy Sherman, who writes Cooking with Amy, knows I’m not much of a cook (a far different thing than a baker). Long ago, she recommended Mark Bittmans’s How To Cook Everything and it’s become my go-to answer book in the kitchen. Today’s quest: French toast—which I never make, even though it couldn’t be more straightforward:

French Toast
1 cup milk
2 eggs
splash of vanilla (What doesn’t taste better with vanilla?)
butter for griddle

Carter cracked the eggs flawlessly and stirred them with the milk. A little too gently, until I gave him the cue “just like with scrambled eggs.” then it was: “Hey, Mommy, it turned yellow!” He dipped; I cooked. Biggest challenge: stove heat and timing. (Any advice?) Daddy had three pieces, Mommy had two, and Carter had one—which was just right.

Carter’s tip: Skip the maple syrup, and make a jelly sandwich. Works great with pancakes, too.


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  1. Imam says:

    Love it! Haven’t given mine sweets yet since I’m annicipatitg their first taste of birthday cake in a couple weeks! I can’t recall a time when a year went by so fast.

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