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wondering about cupcakes

August 27th, 2009

Does my child watch too much TV? Do I not watch enough?

Carter and I split the last piece of coffee cake this morning. Of course, Carter wanted the piece with more sprinkles. (When Jeff found out all the coffee cake was gone, he declared he’s going to start “taxing” baked goods, setting aside 1/3 of anything we bake, since he keeps deciding too late to have another piece.)

I asked Carter what we should make next. More coffee cake, or maybe muffins? His immediate, emphatic, and specific answer: “Ming-Ming cupcakes.” ???  He then proceeds to tell me that we need to buy yellow food coloring and chewy candies, like the ones at Finley’s birthday party, to make Ming-Ming’s hat.

First, I had to ask: Who? Apparently, I’m not up to speed on the Wonder Pets. Next, I sorted out that he had seen someone on TV make these cupcakes. Jeff confirmed that he and Carter had watched an interstitial about making  Ming-Ming cupcakes and told Carter that making them looked like a BIG project.

“Make” here means “decorate,” not “bake,” as the cupcakes are made from a box, and the frosting comes from a can! Cited prep time is 80 (!) minutes, with the caveat: “This recipe is best suited for parents to make on their own or with minimal help from kids.” The recipe flat out warns: “Ming-Ming cupcakes are a ‘serious’ treat, only to be made and enjoyed by ‘serious’ cupcake fans. Just warning you.” 

Seriously, Nick Jr., thank you for inspiring my kid to bake something new. But next time, could you feature something designed for kids to make? Just an idea, considering your audience.

Results to come.