sick day

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Carter nearly never gets sick. His daycare is the furthest thing from the stereotype of a daycare that’s a petri dish of shared germs. Lucy and her helpers clean twice a day, and I really would feel comfortable eating off her floor.

So why is it that the rare day Carter needs to stay home (a tummy bug visited him in the night), is also the rare day Jeff and I both really need to be at work? Unlike most days, when neither of us typically has meetings that require our presence and we can do much of our jobs from home. (In the same vein, we really don’t do that much socially, either, but inevitably, if we’re invited to do something, like go to a party, we will get at least two other invitations for the same time.)

We split the difference: I stayed home in the morning and drove to San Francisco for my afternoon meeting, missing the first half hour, and Jeff came home for the afternoon, not having finished what we needed to get done. So go the lives of working parents. 

Fortunately, Carter felt completely fine all day. In fact, he had a better day than usual because as he put it he got “special time with Mommy and then special time with Daddy!” And that’s never a bad thing.


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