online window shopping detrimental to sleep—and happiness?

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This month’s resolution—go to bed at night—seemed straightforward enough. And until last night, lights were out before midnight. Except for the night I fell asleep in Carter’s bed at 7:30 pm (and he moved to the couch because “Mommy was snoring!”), making it to bed by 11 pm has proved elusive.

Too often, I find myself trolling for deals online. And it is about the hunt for the best deal. The adrenaline. The dopamine. I love finding the obscure coupon code that I can combine with free shipping and get something that’s on sale—today only. The problem is I lose track of time. The other problem is, of course, actually spending money on more stuff.

In “But Will It Make You Happy?”—one of those “most-emailed” New York Times articles that I usually read on the train instead of the more important news stories—Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote: Research finds “spending money for an experience — concert tickets, French lessons, sushi-rolling classes, a hotel room in Monaco — produces longer-lasting satisfaction than spending money on plain old stuff.” But I still like stuff. But I love traveling with the boys, too.

So I’m trying a new strategy (which I’m hoping will take faster than my resolution to go to bed at a decent hour): If I really, really want to buy something, like the Mend Cinch Bag on sale in Target’s Red Hot Shop (thanks, Daily Candy for the tip!) and I talk myself out of it, then I transfer that money into our “travel” savings account. So far this week I’ve resisted the bag and a necklace. Woo hoo.

But, again, last night, I found myself with clearance items sitting in my Canvas shopping cart with the “free shipping” code already entered.

Then I noticed it was half past midnight. I closed my laptop and went to bed.



  1. Shawn says:

    I do this too…I equate loading up the cart and then closing the laptop to window shopping. The paper version is circling catalogs with my Sharpie marker. 😀 I do think it’s a good way to relax, so long as you can resist the urge to hit the send button!

  2. admin says:

    Shawn: Thanks for commenting and for understanding this pastime. I know what you mean about the paper version. I fold down corners and then tear out pages from catalogs and magazines, like Lucky and InStyle. I often “file” them long enough that my must-have finds are no longer available!

  3. Kathy D says:

    I’ve been saving stuff in the shopping bag, then waiting a day to see if I still want it. Sometimes I do–especially if it’s basic work pants in a tall size. Sometimes I realize I don’t–Like the cute, cheap beaded top that I know will never survive out laundry room intact!!

  4. admin says:

    I’m the queen of taking things back. That’s the allure of Lands’ End and now its Canvas spinoff. I can take anything back to Sears at any time for any reason.

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