blueberry coffee cake = fruit for dinner

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2 pieces of blueberry coffee cake + a few bites of apple + a few sips of milk = Carter’s dinner last night. Or, as I like to look at it: 3 servings of fruit + some calcium. Not bad, considering other fast-food meal alternatives.

Needless to say, the blueberry streusel coffee cake has been a hit, which inspired me to check out other bloggers’ take on blueberry coffee cake.

Just the other day, my friend Dawn, who designs web sites for gorgeous high-end bed and breakfasts and the like (as well as Baking with Carter), recommended that I check out the baking recipes on the blog Inn Cuisine.  Food Blog Search  was like minded, pointing me to this version of  blueberry streusel coffee cake with nutmeg, butter, and lemon zest.

Kevin at Closet Cooking adds an even more pronounced citrus twist, using lemon juice in his blueberry and lemon coffee cake.

I like how Food Mahem layers the batter and struesel in a Bundt pan, because I love my Bundt pans (yes, I have several variations, although I use the classic heavy-duty one the most frequently). I’d also like to try the suggested addition of almond extract. Whipped’s Barb’s coffee cake also earns points for being made in a Bundt pan. 

For a healthy approach, Madu’s blueberry coffee cake at Eggless Cooking is not only egg-free, it’s also low fat. Maybe that would be a better dinnertime option?


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