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“I’m doing the best I can”—excuse or survival tactic?

February 14th, 2010

Is saying “I’m doing the best I can”:

A) Giving up
B) Coping
C) My 2009 mantra
D) All of the above

Does the answer depend on whether I say it aloud or just to myself? I confess it was my silent mantra last year, but I’ve found myself saying it lately with some frequency.

Excuse or survival tactic? Discuss among yourself.

Date night tips

May 31st, 2009

Skip the movie “The Girlfriend Experience,” but take advantage of That’s today’s dating advice. sells discounted restaurant gift certificates; a $25 one typically costs $10. Plus, in California, gift certificates don’t ever expire. The secret: sign up for the emails. The site replenishes on a monthly basis. As the month goes on, some restaurants sell out, but the price drops for the others—as long as you have a discount code from the emails.

Last night, we used a $25 certificate, which I got for $2 (!), at the British Banker’s Club in Menlo Park, a surprisingly good restaurant considering it’s essentially a tavern. The only downside to my cream corn soup with lavender: the portion was so big, I couldn’t finish it. Jeff would describe my beet salad as positively Elizabethian: beets, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts over arugula with an olive oil vinaigrette. Jeff’s salmon looked beautiful. Only downside for him: carrots, again.

Over the bridge

May 23rd, 2009

I finally, for the first time, ate breakfast at the Dublin Country Waffles with the boys.

My husband and his former roommate, Danilo, have been going to breakfast with each other most Saturdays since Jeff moved back to the Bay Area in 1990.

When I became Jeff’s Palo Alto roommate and Danilo moved up to San Ramon, they started alternating locations. One week, Danilo would drive just shy of an hour each way so they could eat at their old stomping grounds, El Paso in Mountain View. The next, Jeff would be the one to cross bridges in quest of breakfast. All so they can sit, eat, read the papers, and generally not say much.

Carter has been many times (and I think Danilo misses him when he’s not there), but this was my first sojourn to the Waffle House. While I didn’t have a waffle, I can recommend the omelets. The waitresses sprinkle in a lot of “Honeys and “Dears,” and your coffee cup is always full. Dumbarton or San Mateo bridge? Carter makes the call, and I’m there.

Carter: Breakfast is all about salty meat: serve bacon, sausage, or better both, and I’m there.